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Quality Pledge

  1. CompanyHouse provides client-oriented services and works toward improving its clients' profitability and success.

  2. Customer care and the provision of error-free service are top priorities for CompanyHouse. All of our work is guded by independence in decision-making, care for the customer from an objective position, coordination and effective intermediation of high-quality subcontract services, easily understood documentation, flexibility and planned success.

  3. For CompanyHouse, service quality is not a status but a process of continuous improvement.

  4. The client and their requirements are the impetus for the continuous improvement of the methods and procedures implemented at CompanyHouse.

  5. CompanyHouse believes in a liberal business economy, is open to new thinking and ideas, studies them carefully and helps to shape them in conformance with the interests of the client, the country and the economy.

  6. CompanyHouse is committed to providing perfect service to clients. To do so, a great amount of client trust is required. That trust can be created and deepened only when CompanyHouse's services manifest the highest level of respectability, reliability, trustworthiness and professional ability.

  7. All of CompanyHouse's mechanisms are geared toward providing the maximum discretion and the maximum protection of trade secrets and data.

  8. CompanyHouse is a firm with a broad international background. Together with its partners, it employs highly-qualified, internationally-experienced specialists, and has the necessary know-how to handle both ordinary and unusual problems.